Margot Frankenkatzen



Another cat post. I’ll be honest I’m both too lazy to write a real post and also totally in love with my new phone and how I can take photos of Lord Dorian and co. like some insane cat paparazzi (catarazzi?) and IMMEDIATELY inflict it on other people.

Besides if I’ve learnt anything from my adventures in blogging it’s that people LOVE cats. And bacon. But I’m out of that.


About AimesSteele

Mother of the Demonspawn (Dr Who obsessed 3 year old and lover/squasher of snails), wife of Mr Steele (28 year old full-time manchild). Currently studying business and trying to realise my unlikely ambitions of being a domestic goddess and writer.

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  1. It’s absolutely fine to be crazy. But being crazy cat lady is a role you can only fulfill in later years. So just take some picture of table lamps or fridges to balance it out ok?

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